Hmm, this is tricky. You don’t need email if you don’t want to hear from or write/talk to anyone. I could see that. But you do need email if your want to register for any websites you like: e.g. hulu, netflix, facebook, geneology, crafting, pinterest, dating sites, and more more more.

Why email for registering? Because your full email address is unique. If it were duplicated with anyone else, you would get their mail. So each complete email address is unique, thus solving the problem of people selecting, inventing, picking, a unique user identification (id) for each website they register with. And double bonus, the website can email you password resets by using your email address user id. Voila!

So for my resistant friends who balk at getting even one email address, sorry baby but you can’t use pinterest. Hahahahh! maniacal laughter!



Remember, a tablet is a handheld computer device with a touch screen. For example an iPad or Samsung galaxy or windows 8 tablet.  The functionality of tablets are improving all the time, and coming down in price, but they still range in size and price from $60 to $1000. Humm.

7 Disadvantages Of Tablets (2011, so a bit old)

Common Tablet Computer Limitations And Precautions


Well, you can’t slice a tomato with a tablet. Hey, what is a tablet? It is a computer device that you can hold in your hand, for example an iPad or Samsung galaxy. They come in different sizes and have attachable keyboards, you can print from them, do anything internet including file management, watch streaming video, etc.  When turned off, a tablet might make a nice cocktail tray, or even a snow shovel in a pinch, but once wet it is not guaranteed that it will ever work again.

You can talk to your tablet and it will take dictation or maybe talk back if it has Siri, the mac genie voice (yes, very cool, but for what?).

Tablets are bad for snuggling because they don’t breath or snore like dogs, cats, children, or friends. But they do fit nicely down the back of the sofa without getting crushed by napping, so that is nice.

If you get yourself a tablet, or want help deciding what suits your needs best, contact Harriet the Helper at http://harrietthehelper.com . Yes, blatant advertising.

Umm, duh? Ok, that’s just rude of me. I admit I have a knee jerk reverse snob attitude to mac. And yes, I did just by myself a mac mini desktop and use it with all non mac externals (monitor, mouse, keyboard, speaker) and I am loving it. But come on, with the handheld devices I really love having a back arrow!! And that means android, not stupid mac. Plus, mac is not consistent in the design of where the equivalent of “back” in on the various interfaces. I’ve even seen in at the bottom right, not even on top. I don’t want to be searching for back. I’m too impatient for that. Give me a clear “back” that works to take me ONE step and is in the same place all the time. Thank you android!


I remember “don’t touch that”. It inspired fear. You could get hurt, or dead, or worse, expelled (paraphrasing Hermione from Harry Potter).

Listen, that rule has changed. You can touch stuff. You need to touch them. Try it, just try. I’m talking about computer use. Push buttons, drop down menus, select stuff. Don’t know that icon? Click it and see. You can always turn the thing off or close or cancel it. Can’t find the “x” to close? hover in upper right. Tricky marketers got you stuck in a transparent pop up over the website you want? Right click the app on the task bar (bottom or left) and select “quit”. There, that will show them.

Yes, marketers and worse, scoundrels, will try to suck you in and get you trapped in their world. When to hesitate? If they ask you to register and all you wanted to do was browse. Just like getting a store credit card to save 10% today but pay an annual fee of $50 next month. Hey, wait! That’s not fair! Exactly. Beware any site asking you for stuff. If it’s legit, it will let you look around without commitment. Really.


Painful like not working, like when your fingers are shaky and your touch is shaky and the touch screen ignores your attempts to touch it, or you touch too long so the device is confused. Nothing is more annoying than not being “heard” by your device that is supposed to be FUN!

What to do? Maybe get a stylus from the store (under $7 for one). That might help. Hey! Do you like to press harder because “it” didn’t hear you? That won’t work. You most likely have a capacitive screen that reads the electrical circuit that is completed by your finger. Read more here:

How do touch-screen monitors know where you’re touching?

or Capacitive or resistive: what’s the best type of touchscreen?
So do your device and yourself a favor and quit banging on it or pressing harder, it might seem to help but it doesn’t really. You might try licking your finger because wet creates a better circuit. Or just try to be straight, unwiggly, poking for a “touch” and a steady, unmoving hold for “long touch”. Good luck. I feel your pain.

Look, it’s not that fancy. There are a few rules of thumb that transfer between all different situations while using a computer. Don’t get it wet. Look for triangle or arrow head to see “more” menus, everything is context sensitive so watch for selecting and then getting changed options, buttons, menus, and remember right click is all about context sensitive to where your mouse cursor is when you clicked.

Please just walk away when pissed off, restart software or computer when stuck. Practice heads up typing in places that suggest the words, like “to” fields in email, search engines boxes, and many more.

You know more than you think. The things you do without thinking can be tried in other situations. Can’t find a menu or buttons? try hovering over the screen in a variety of places. Don’t know what the weird new icon means? try hovering over it. Your kid won’t do homework, try hovering over them. You son is reaching for the last sausage, try hovering. Check out this deer, it’s hovering in the tree, maybe to get food? impress a potential mate? or to scratch it’s neck? Curious.



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